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Gronau IT: Secure Software Development part 02 23.08.2019

Here I show you a second illustration for the topic "secure software development". This time there is kind of a manual you can use to be sure everything is going the secure way.

Negaia: Fjord of Elements Concepts 21.08.2019

While cleaning my computer and all its files, I found this concept I did for the Negaia-Project around one year ago. The Fjord of Elements is a ancient but developed place with the knowledge of all people. It is a very sacred place and is also protected. The buildings are made out of white rocks and the whole area is built up on a cliff near the ocean.

Gronau IT: Illustration for article 19.08.2019

The article I did this illustration for was about an event, which happened a little while ago in England. A Hotel stored and used sensitive guest data in a way they shouldn't have. They kind of broke their guests trust and also offended against the DSGVO law. In the end the company got away with a huge fee and a plenty of grumpy guests. Read the ful article here.
Hope you like my work :)

Alexander & Julia Caricature 17.08.2019

Today I upload a caricature since a long time. Also tried a few new things out. You like the style and the idea? Feel free to contact me for indvidual caricatures our events :)

Gronau IT: Secure Software Development 15.08.2019

Gronau-IT Cloud Computing just wrote an article about secure Software Development recently. In this article the author Pierre Gronau mentioned 10 steps to do so. After reading the few pages of text I decided to not illustrate each and every step, but create a picture which gives the impression: Yeah! Here somebody doesn't want to be distracted. Electric fences, Pool of sharks and a high platform should be enough to secure his work. I had a lot of fun doing this one :)

Negaia: Advertising Banner 12.08.2019

This piece is already a few month old, but because it was never released I forgot to upload it. I tried differnent things out to create a nice contrast between forground and background. On the banner you can see a dark-magic character, who summons a soldier out of the book. This was a feature of the Negaia-Book we wanted to put in focus with this illustration. What do you think? :)

Character Design Challenge 01 05.08.2019

Recently I took part at the Character Design Challenge on Facebook. This months topic was "Hawaii Dancer". My Pin-Up Skills helped me with the rough anatomy, but for the whole piece I worked quite a lot. Biggest problem in this one were the dress-like fabric and the feather on her hat. Colors worked good and light and shadow I also managed somehow. Hope you like my dancer :)

Gronau IT: Illustration for article 15.07.2019

A french guy figured out a huge security gap on a property companies website. By accident he discovered a access to privat information about the companies clients. This peace illustrates the situation in France. Think it works quite well :)

Land of Pools 11.07.2019

This painting is a visualized dream of mine. A land of pools in a mountain-like environment. Hot steam is rising from the salty waters and meets the cold air. I painted this piece with pastel-chalk. Where is light, where is shade? Those where my questions I focused on while painting. I hope I will have the chance to chill in one of those one day :)

Watercolor Practise 08.07.2019

Figure Drawing is a very important part of my drawing practise. So far I always concentrated on quick line with pencil or coal. Then a painting college suggested me to try some color into my drawings to give them a little more life. I tried it out, but had no idea where to put which color in the beginning. It took me serveral tries until I was kind of happy with the result. Here I show you some figure-drawing from imagination and some sketches I did from a Egon Schiele reference. What do you think? :)

Gronau IT: Illustration for "Computerwoche"-Magazin 01.07.2019

Data-Security. Not quite a new topic but I used the task to experimet a little with my art style. The idea was to show an receptionist colecting personal data from the patients. These files are stored secure on an external server. Feel free to read the full article here. :)

Fungal Cauldron - Splash Art 27.06.2019

This is the second splash art I did as an animated background for my latest remix on youtube. I learned how to paint fire a little better. Check out the animated version here. :)

Customgrow420 Caricature 25.06.2019

Hey guys! Though this dudes are too sick, they are still awesome and interesting characters to portrait. I am happy to finish a caricature after such along time and had a lot of fun with the colors. The rendering took me a while and was quite a work sometimes. What do you think? :)

Gronau IT: Pitfalls of Cloud Computing 21.06.2019

Another illustration I did for Gronau IT Cloud Computing. The Possibilities of Cloud Computing nowadays are amazing. There are a few problems regarding data and security though. Thats the topic of the article I created this illustration for. The guy in the middle gets the disadvantages cause of other users, who are also connected to the same cloud-server. Though I dont understand much of all those things, I got that it can be tricky :D
keep checking my page now and then for more illustrations and other projects!

Gronau IT: Datenverstoß-Illustration 28.05.2019

This illustration I did a few weeks ago for Gronau-IT Cloud Computing. It was used to illustrate an article about certain security and defense strategies and how to protect data from hackers. Hope you like it! Read the full article here

A Series of Self Portraits 18.05.2019

Hey people, The last month I was concentrating on self-portraits to learn more about face structure and also to try different techniques in traditional drawing / painting. I did 12 self- portraits all in all. Hope you like them!

At first I chose aquarelle as a technique. You can see the first one is still very caricature-like. though I tried to paint realistic. The second one got a little messy around the eyes cause I tried a aquarelle pen for the first time and didn't know the intensity :D

After that I worked with pencil. Though they are not perfect I really like the progress here. I used different pencils. From very hard to quite soft. I find it interesting how each of them seem like a different character. Although all of them got some vibe of me I suppose.

The next time I was focusing on coal. I really liked how black you can go and the fact that you are able to correct or change certain Iines with your finger. Also I changed the paper from aquarelic-like paper to a normal brown paper.

To bring a little more color into my paintings, I tried acrylic, oil pastel and normal pastel for my last 3 self portraits. Working with color is fun and its very interesting to see what will come around if I just use them without thinking too much. Last one was a 10-minute ball pen sketch. Anyways I am done with my face for now. Learned a lot and looking forward to my next lesson! :)

Live-Drawing at the Leipziger Buchmesse 10.04.2019

Since a few years my buddy Basti is selling his awesome illustrations at the Leipziger Buchmesse. It is a fair for all kinds of prints, books, illustration, comics ect. in Leipzig. This year he was asking me if I would like to give him some company and do my live-drawing stuff. You can imagine that I didn't want to let this nice opportunity pass!
The plan was to take part of the exhibition for four days. Selling stuff, meeting new people and to check out all the awesome work at this place. It was very much fun to be part of this event though I got sick the last two days and had to cancle my part early. But everything worked very well an I feel healthy already :)

Two Sketchbooks later... 20.03.2019

It is so nice to see the progress in sketching. I just checked a few of my old sketchbooks and was thrown back into a time when I was really struggling with drawing faces. Nowadays I am quite save with it. Still much t learn though, but it totally worth the efford! :)

Gronau IT: Problems of IT-Security 16.03.2019

This illustration I did for an article again. It is about the problems of blockchains, artificial intelligence and cyber-security. Each of these topics are symbolised and put together as broken objects in a repair-shop. In the background is the repairing-guy who got his tools and is about to start his work fixing the problems. Hope you like it!
Read the full article here: www.gronau-it-cloud-computing.de

GebäudeDigital: Smart Hack 12.03.2019

I did this illustration for an quite interessting article Gronau IT Cloud Computing published in the GebäudeDigital-Magazine. It is about the security gap in the smart home field. Hackers are able to controll different types of smart gadgets from the distance and manipulate the daily life of whole living areas. I wanted to focus on the connection between the hackers computer and the targeted devices. This connecting is working like a worm hole so that the hacker can adjust from his place. What do you think of this illustration? :)
Read the full article here: www.gebaeudedigital.de

Audimax-Anzeige: IT Gangsters 04.03.2019

Become one of the Good guys. Second advertising illustration for the Audimax-Magazine. A try to give IT-students the chance to apply at Gronau IT Cloud Computing. Hope you like the setting :)

Industrie 4.0 27.02.2019

Illustration I did for an IT-Magazine in which Gronau IT Cloud Computing was publishing an article.

Dr. Seal Illustration 19.02.2019

Illustration I did for an IT-Magazine in which Gronau IT Cloud Computing was publishing an article.

Jenny and boyfriend Caricature 12.02.2019

Just another caricature for a client. Had fun with rendering their faces :)

Bloated Symphony - Splash Art 08.02.2019

For one my recent remixes on Youtube I painted this Splash Art of one Donkey Kong 64 Bosses and animated it after. My intention was to express the gloomy situation of this boss battle and set a focus on warm and cold colors. Check out the video here! Hope you like it!

Security Guide Illustration 06.02.2019

This illustration I made for an article about security criteria of using your own device at your work place which was written by Gronau IT and Borgmeier PR. I tried a totally new style and I like it a lot. Was a very fun project. Read the full article here: article

Jungle Painting 30.01.2019

As a practise purpose I painted this piece. I wanted to figure out how to let the background glow bright while the foreground is dark. I am not totally happy with this painting, but I learned a few important lessons for future projects :)

IT Nomad for the Audimax magazine 12.01.2019

Some time ago I did this illustration by order of Gronau IT Cloud Computing for the Audimax Magazine. The purpose was some advertising in the students magazine to recrute new employees. One big point of Gronau IT is the fact, that the employees use to travel through whole germany (sometimes even other countries) to work in project for a few month. With this picture of those IT-Nomades in mind, is was huge fun to draw this illustration :)

Somewhere in the Woods 10.01.2019

Contrast of light and shadow was the topic of this painting. I wanted to try a few things out and ended up in a forest-like situation with some kids standing around a little, glowing plant. What do you think?

A Christmas Illustration 06.01.2019

Happy new year! Okay this post comes a little late, but I wanted to share this christmas piece with you. I am quite proud of the color and light contrasts. I am not that happy about the background though. I hope you could end the year 2018 with a nice christmas and an awesome new year celebration. Let's see what 2019 is going to bring :)