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Jenny and boyfriend Caricature 12.02.2019

Just another caricature for a client. Had fun with rendering their faces :)

Bloated Symphony - Splash Art 08.02.2019

For one my recent remixes on Youtube I painted this Splash Art of one Donkey Kong 64 Bosses and animated it after. My intention was to express the gloomy situation of this boss battle and set a focus on warm and cold colors. Check out the video here! Hope you like it!

Security Guide Illustration 06.02.2019

This illustration I made for an article about security criteria of using your own device at your work place which was written by Gronau IT and Borgmeier PR. I tried a totally new style and I like it a lot. Was a very fun project. Read the full article here: article

Jungle Painting 30.01.2019

As a practise purpose I painted this piece. I wanted to figure out how to let the background glow bright while the foreground is dark. I am not totally happy with this painting, but I learned a few important lessons for future projects :)

IT Nomad for the Audimax magazine 12.01.2019

Some time ago I did this illustration by order of Gronau IT Cloud Computing for the Audimax Magazine. The purpose was some advertising in the students magazine to recrute new employees. One big point of Gronau IT is the fact, that the employees use to travel through whole germany (sometimes even other countries) to work in project for a few month. With this picture of those IT-Nomades in mind, is was huge fun to draw this illustration :)

Somewhere in the Woods 10.01.2019

Contrast of light and shadow was the topic of this painting. I wanted to try a few things out and ended up in a forest-like situation with some kids standing around a little, glowing plant. What do you think?

A Christmas Illustration 06.01.2019

Happy new year! Okay this post comes a little late, but I wanted to share this christmas piece with you. I am quite proud of the color and light contrasts. I am not that happy about the background though. I hope you could end the year 2018 with a nice christmas and an awesome new year celebration. Let's see what 2019 is going to bring :)

Negaia Book 1 Cover-Design 12.12.2018

The first book of Negaia is released! It tells the first part of the main Story of the game I am working at. Here on my page I just want to show you the cover-Design I made, but if you are interessted feel free to get more information here: https://www.startnext.com/negaia
Wish you a very nice pre-christmas time :)

Some painting Study 06.12.2018


Cooperate Design for a Cyber-Security Software: SEAL Kit 04.12.2018

Since a few month I am working on the Cooperate Design of a software my company is developing. I was sticking at the original Gronau-IT company logo for the colours and also the three line design. The name SEAL Kit was created by our PR Company and me and should reveal the function of sealing security gaps in IT networks. So I sketched a logo of a seal and combined it with a fitting font.
The whole product was released around two weeks ago at the it-sa in Nürnberg, a huge it-security fair. Besides the logo and the products sub tool-logos, I also created flyer, roll ups, T-shirts and a press-folder for journalists.

Dr. Cursor Illustration for e-Health Magazine 12.10.2018

With this post I am starting my new project chapter on this website. Gronau IT Cloud Computing GmbH. I am working for this company as a designer since around one year and got the chance for many little illustration and design challenges. I will start uploading all of them from now. First one is an illustration I did for the e-Health.com online Magazine. Cause of some changes in digital law I drew this guy as a simplified guide for people to understand the different steps, which are needed to go conform with the new law. Feel free to read the full article here and check out everything of my work for Gronau IT on my projects-page. I hope you like it and I wish you a nice weekend!